THATCamp SBL & AAR 2016 Sponsors

Walter de Gruyter GmbH

De Gruyter has been sponsoring THATCamp AAR since its very first year. We are proud to finally present our first DH title from the field of religious studies: Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle East Studies, edited by Elias Muhanna.

In 2017 we will launch our new series Introductions to Digital Humanities: Religion. IDH Religion provides short introductions to specific areas of study at the intersections of digital humanities and religion, offering an overview of current methodologies, techniques, tools, and projects as well as defining challenges and opportunities for further research. The first IDH volume, edited by Daniel Veidlinger, will focus on Buddhism, exploring language processing, digital libraries, online lexicography, and ethnographic methods.

Last not least we invite you to discover our latest open access publication Language in Digital Era. Challenges and Perspectives , ed. by Daniel Daniel, Gyde Hansen, Peter Sandrini, and Iulia Peter.

We are currently accepting proposals in a variety of areas related to the study of digital humanities. For further information on our DH program, please contact our Acquisitions Editor, Dr. Elise Wintz.

Digital Humanities and Islamic & Middle East Studies, edited by Elias Muhanna

As a part of the library at Iliff School of Theology, ExperimentalHumanities@Iliff is a collaborative effort to provide spaces for students, staff, and faculty to explore and experiment with emerging research methodologies in the humanities, focused particularly in the areas of religious and theological studies. In line with our library's emphasis on collaboratively cultivating media capacities, ExperimentalHumanities@Iliff supports projects such as learning basic programming capacities, using Natural Language Processing tools to explore and visualize religious texts and identities, and building interfaces for engaging artifacts beyond text.